Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Welcome to CRC's 2012 Food Stamp Challenge!

In response to the challenge of finding enough to eat experienced daily by millions of Americans, more than 35 members and friends of Central Reform Congregation (CRC) have committed to eating on the average food stamp (also called SNAP) allotment of $1.50 per person, per meal for a week: Sunday, November 11 - Saturday, November 17. Other congregations of various faiths around the country are taking the same challenge.

By taking this challenge, we hope to educate ourselves and our communities about the challenges people on food stamps face in putting food on the table. We also hope to strengthen our resolve to fight the problem of hunger, by collecting food and by standing up to threatened cuts to our food safety net programs.

Please check back frequently for blog posts from participating members as they prepare for and then take the challenge. We'll also post other links and facts to keep you thinking. We hope you'll participate in this project by commenting on our posts and sharing what you learn with those around you.

While this group of participants is being organized through CRC, a Reform Jewish congregation in the City of St. Louis, we believe that the experiences we have and the lessons we learn will be informative for all those who are concerned about hunger issues in our communities.