Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting Started

Andrea Kaiser

Here’s what I bought for under $31.50. I spent $31.47 between Aldi and Trader Joe’s!
  • Dairy: Eggs, Fat free milk, Mexican shredded cheese, Greek yogurt 
  • Vegetables: Yams, Red Potatoes, Mushrooms, Onions, frozen mixed veggies, frozen spinach, fresh broccoli, canned tomatoes (good value—to split for meals)
  • Fruit: Cranberry Sauce (splurge!), Apples
  • Grain: Oatmeal, Joe’s O’s (risking potential gluten-oats can be contaminated in the processing, but are gluten free typically.)
  • Meat/Protein: Deli Ham (gluten free), Sunflower seeds (good value—dollar per quantity/protein), Black Beans, Refried Beans
  • Drinks for the Week: Milk and water

Day One of the CRC Hunger Challenge:

I awaken early 6:15 to get my meditation and my day started. 
I spent the last few days preparing for this week, mentally, and logistically.

I am striving to maintain my gluten free (GF) diet in process. My #1 rule: avoid costly GF food products, including bread which costs between $5-7/loaf. This means that sandwiches are out for the week, which include peanut butter and jelly, cheese, and lunch meat (bread-free meal--okay). I am also striving to cut sugar in my diet to prevent at-risk diabetes. I generally eat some fruit and berries, but this week will treat myself to cranberry sauce, and two apples instead.
Breakfast: Joe’s O’s, milk (Hey, where’s my banana?)

After breakfast, I am making vegetable soup for the week: made with canned tomato as a base and mixed frozen veggies, and two-bean chili, made with canned tomato as well. These are my lunch and dinner. At lunch, ¼ cup of sunflower seeds (1 portion) will accompany my soup. If I am hungry, I will eat a boiled red potato as filler, with nothing on it, or a hard boiled egg.

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