Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm impressed.

Will Soll

As of this posting, we have 27 people taking the Food Stamp Challenge at CRC. I'm impressed. Not surprised, but impressed. 

In the Jewish community, the Food Stamp Challenge is being spearheaded by the good offices of the Jewish Council  for Public Affairs. When I signed up, I realized that the Challenge was primarily directed to rabbis and cantors—I actually felt a little bit like a party crasher. I'm grateful that we have so many people in our CRC community who have taken this on themselves. This blog is therefore going to feature a variety of voices addressing a variety of hunger-related questions from a variety of angles.

The challenge also serves as a way to raise money to combat hunger. Many of us are donating the additional money we would have spent on food to a local food bank or anti-hunger advocacy organization. You can help, too. A number of us have pages on the JCPA website that allow you to support us, just like you'd support a runner in a race for a cause. If you'd like to sponsor one of us, click here. Whoever you sponsor, your donations support local hunger relief efforts as well as the anti-hunger efforts of JCPA and MAZON.

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