Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 2

Joel Achtenberg

Before even sitting down to make my shopping list, I knew there were a couple of quick NOs:  

•NO fast food, NO meals out. Fortunately I like to cook. 
•NO Soda. Water is better for me anyway

I was worried it might be hard to get decent fresh fruit and vegies at Aldi's, but in fact I was able to find some nice broccoli and carrots, and a small bag of apples. I usually try to have fruit at every meal, but will be limited to "an apple a day..." this week. 

Shopping for one person, I knew I wouldn't be able to take advantage of buying in bulk. For example, I planned to get some fresh ground beef to make chili, but Aldi's only had 3# packs, so I ended up with a small pack of frozen meatballs. 

Sunday was our monthly havurah brunch. I took a sandwich, carrots and an apple. Hard to say "no thanks" to the great offerings prepared/brought by the others, but a good opportunity to talk about the Challenge. 

I'm eating pretty well so far, and should make it through the week, but saved some money in case I get desperate for something extra by Saturday. 

More later...

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