Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eating Early Tonight

Lenna Tasley-Broome

So here it is:  peanut butter sandwich / jelly - thick peanut butter- cut into 3rd's - banana on it  - chips, frozen veggie - peas.  Beverage - hot tea (chai - in the house already).  I'll have apple and hot tea for when i get hungry again.  Actually - my eating pattern is:  1st. meal is dinner.  Then bedtime then
  wake up snack sleep wake up - a dysfunctional lifestyle.  At work have salad and snacks - restaurants lend to this behavior -  but on vacation now.

I'm deducting cost of chai tea and peanut butter from my allotment - Sunday looms in the faint distance..  We're at midweek tomorrow.  Hang tough.  We could  eat 'ramen' all week - or the knock-off.  Many many many Food Stampers do - bags of chips, starch starch starch - fill the belly.  Like a blogger wrote - getting in touch with our hunger - mental or physical.  But we all know how strong the mental is - nice full belly.  From the blogs - my teamers are a healthy bunch - this is an experiment -  remember:  you joined in and that makes you all winners!!!!!

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