Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coffee muß ich haben

Will Soll

The cheap produce at Aldi's emboldened me to spring for coffee. $3.99 gets you 12 oz. of their Donut Shop Blend. This meant spending 13% of my food budget on an item with zero nutritional value.

It was a smart choice. I would have been miserable otherwise. And it’s a reminder that all of us—rich and poor alike—use food for other reasons beside nutrition.

Here's a link to an aria from J.S. Bach's "Coffee Cantata", actually a mini comic opera about a father trying to get his daughter to give up drinking coffee (he thinks it's not seemly for a woman). She outwits him. English text of aria below. 

My, isn't coffee delicious?
Sweeter than thousands of kisses,
Milder than muscatel wine.
Coffee, coffee, that's what I require.
To fulfill my heart's desire
Just, just pour me out some coffee
Pour me my coffee so fine.

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