Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Focusing on keeping busy

Andrea Kaiser

Breakfast is getting boring: cereal and milk, oatmeal or eggs. I normally have a balanced variety. This week, it is mostly cereal --Trader Joe's version of Cheerios (but no wheat).

I noticed today it's no longer about the food that I concentrate on; it's about staying busy! so I don't think about what I will eat, or how hungry I am feeling. I was in class tonight, and my stomach was reminding me it's feeding time, but it would be at least another 45 minutes or so before I would be home. When I got out of class in a hotel, there was fresh FREE popcorn in the lobby which I couldn't refuse. It's my favorite food and I had planned to give it up this week! It not only called to me, but it seemed to have had a 'cord attached' which would not let me leave the building unless I indulged! :) It was the worst popcorn I ever had, short of the burnt stuff! I was not meant to eat popcorn this week! I tossed it out!
I went home and ate a steamed potato au naturel. My stomach shut up.

Yesterday, I was at a friend's house and she offered me anything that was in her fridge. I politely declined. She had noticed I was losing weight already, and felt sorry for me. 

Four days to go! I am rationing my food

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