Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 1

Susan Spiegel

I'm doing well nutrition-wise and satiety-wise.  I accidentally skipped a meal today; I didn't have breakfast until 11:30 & then skipped lunch other than a carrot. I enjoyed my dinner -- Greek lentils with rice and steamed broccoli, followed by an apple. 

The biggest challenge so far is planning the portions to make the food last. It's not something I usually think about; if I run out of food, I just go get more. Here I need to be more careful about measuring and considering  how many portions can be made from an item. Making these kinds of calculations on a regular basis would prove mentally taxing. I am also very aware of the lack of variety available through the few foods I was able to buy. Eating could easily become less a pleasure and more fulfillment of need, which is not entirely a bad thing in our over-consumption society. 

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